Saturday, June 11, 2011

new and improved studio

my working environment has been in a disarray for quite some time.  some of my posts (including my profile picture) include shots of my dining room where most of my painting takes place.  well i'm happy to say that my dining room has been returned to the dining part of our lives and the painting and everything else art-making wise has been appropriated to the "studio".  we are fortunate in this city to possess a detached 2-car garage in which we store bikes, scooters, skateboards, luggage, hand me downs and everything else imaginable that does not fit in our flat - all of which resides in one side of the garage.  my studio has occupied the opposite side and has been a STRUGGLE to keep as such due to the overflow of kid-equipment and debris that blows into the space.  it's been a total nightmare to keep clean - which is why i do all my "mess-free" work indoors in our living space.  i have recently however, converted my studio into a more private space and created a very obvious border between kid-stuff and my-stuff.  i've even organized every single screw, stick of graphite, adhesive, solvent, pigment, paper and so on and am working on the labels simultaneous to completing this post.  i thought i would include some shots so i can one day look back on the space in it's clean and orderly manner and "tisk" myself in the coming months as the orderliness reverses and it becomes more mine and less an idealized version of what that means.

this is the garage - in it's entirety. 

the studio - i forgot to mention the immense quantity of materials and supplies i own.  these storage drawers are full of such

inside looking out

okay - this is the cave, it exists behind the wall (shown below) and is also full of gawd know what....just in case

these added walls are from Open Studios 2 yrs ago, they used to be leaning and were unfinished wood - not no more

the wall straight ahead covering the cave is a moving wall that i will be using to photograph the work on

my most exciting addition is the TABLE in the middle - $25 from scrap and it extends to 10' and weighs is solid wood (and it's level.  the garage resembles the topography of a sand dune with rolling hills - rather, our entire property is a sand dune.  i guess after 110 yrs the buildings have "settled".  anyway, my working surfaces are LEVEL - and i'm damn proud of it as a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into making it so.

and yes, more "supplies"

a view of my beloved work table.
i think this was a bit ridiculous, but i feel it must be stated that this is the first time since my time in grad school where i had a work space that i can actually work in.  the table is rad, i have so much room to lay things out, it's clean and i don't have to clean up before dinner or risk my sweet children's hands signing the works in progress, and i don't have to eat with splatters of paint under my water glass.  i'm happy.  chris is happy and i can't wait to get cracking!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here are the shots of this piece (each panel is 6"sq).  This was the very first series - ever - of the screen prints and gouache on paper and some ways it is my favorite.  Please be advised, the orientation shifts in the 1st and last images. 

totally finished with stain  - hung on my studio wall

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the Compound

I thought it might be interesting to include a couple of shots of the workspace at the Compound.  This place is really awesome as it draws in a very talented and committed group of artists - in both the studio space as well as the lockers (which is the route I went).  The have some great shows and Lena and Matt do an incredible job curating.   I wish we lived closer or they were closer to me so I could continue to work there. 

my locker and screens

one of 3 very large work surfaces with a peek into the back area

print mania

These shots are from the latest round of printing at the Compound.  I splurged and stocked up on what seems like a million wood panels and printed all of them at the same time.  One of the enviable perks at the Compound Studios is the enormous table space to lay work out - it's awesome!  and very rarely have I had to share the tables with anyone while doing this print sessions, which is priceless for me. I also printed a STACK of paper and will enjoy painting them for months to come ;)

the beginning
3 rounds of prints/screens

session over

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've been given an awesome opportunity to show my newest series of pieces at Slate on Telegraph in Oakland. Admittedly, Danielle invited me last year to show them for the month of December, but given the dates of my posts, it's probably a little obvious that I'm WAY behind on keeping business updated. The good news is, the work will be up through January. 

Here are a couple of shots of the space:

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The titles of this series are "Screen Tapestries".  The are each 10"sq but 1.5"D, the ones with black around them are actually framed and are coated in resin.  The unframed pieces I call "matte" are also not resin-ed.  Each piece consists of 4 6"sq abstracts of 4 larger print-drawings.  These are in a way, a larger version of my Fingerprints, and instead of digital prints, they are hand printed and painted -  my current M.O.

I also sell and show my digital prints series - available only through Slate. For inquiries about pricing, please contact the gallery.
PS  Thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Day

It's a wet and chilly first day of Open Studios.  I thought the rain would have seriously deterred traffic, which it probably has, however the flow has been quite nice and I've been anything but lonely.

Here are some shots of the studio today - the fruits of many weeks labor are up on the walls and have received good response.  Now, let's hope it continues over into to tomorrow.  Fingers are crossed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

just too darn pretty

to cut up...not that the ones that get the chop aren't nice, but some I just can't bring myself to divide.